"Hopefully, more and more managers will take this approach and come to realise that sometimes it’s the dream to make your team famous and not you" Erika Lucas (2006)

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Session 5 - Inspirational Leadership

You will learn: Knowledge

In this highly competitive, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, Inspirational Leadership is becoming the leadership agenda. Whilst most leaders now acknowledge the need for innovation, very few have the ability to inspire new creative, innovative ways of moving forward as this demands a more subtle and ultimately, more impactful Leadership style. Leaders are designers and facilitators working through others and these roles require a whole new set of skills, techniques and strategies. This Seminar will equip you with the complete tool-kit including those learned in the first 4 days of the Creative Advantage Programme to become a creative, inspirational leader.

About this session: Application

Leaders have responsibility for learning about themselves. An accurate picture of current reality is just as important as a compelling picture of desired future. People and organisations discover motivation to change only when the problems are bad enough to cause them to change. The change process runs out of steam as soon as the problems driving the change become less pressing. Creative problem solving develops shared vision - proactive, not reactive.

By the end of this session: Impact

You will be challenged through interactive participation to move away from “boss calling the shots” towards a more subtle role of the leader as a designer and steward within the new learning organisation. A role with roots in generative creativity, the foundation for successful change processes developed within the processes of what we call Evolutionary Management. 

Self-Assessment Activity follows this Seminar

This fifth Seminar continues the training within the Creative Advantage Programme. This Seminar can be attended as part of a two Seminar training programme or as part of a complete Creative Advantage programme of six Seminars. We recommend that a gap of at least 5 working days is taken between each of the Seminars to allow for full integration of the knowledge, application and impact of each subject area. 

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