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Session 2 - Personal Empowerment

You will learn: Knowledge

Thinking in negatives is dis-empowering. Positive thinking strategies accelerate personal and professional potential. Enhanced understanding of our own personal resources enables us to operate more effectively and achieve with certainty of purpose. Self-empowerment provides enhancement of: Conscious and Unconscious Competence, Positive Language Patterns and Flexible Thinking Styles

About this session: Application

Continuous Personal and Professional Development requires an understanding of the conscious and unconscious processes that occur in human transactions such as: Deeper understanding of other people’s models of the world, Information gathering, coaching and mentoring, self-purpose, intention and outcomes, and strategies for self-evaluation

By the end of this session: Impact

Take ownership of your personal future, or by default, someone else will make the decisions for you. It is a valuable exercise to continuously explore the beliefs from which you operate not only as an individual but also as an organisation. When the belief that we all have the capacity to exceed our potential and challenge our own creativity is present within us, we are better able to facilitate and motivate others.

Self-Assessment Activity follows this Seminar

This second Seminar continues the training within the Creative Advantage Programme. This Seminar can be attended as part of a two Seminar training programme or as part of a complete Creative Advantage programme of six Seminars. We recommend that a gap of at least 5 working days is taken between each of the Seminars to allow for full integration of the knowledge, application and impact of each subject area. 

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