"leadership has a harder job than just choose sides. it must bring sides together" Rev. Jesse Jackson

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Session 1 - Advanced Communication

اسهم بنك وربة Communication is the exchange of shared information…

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You will learn: Knowledge

الخيارات الثنائية نموذج تسعير You may have experienced situations at some time in the past when for no apparent reason, the received response was totally at odds with your intentions. Advanced Communication and Relational Skills involve: Understanding of people’s subjective experiences, the principles and distinctions to recognise patterns in people’s behaviours and thinking styles and a set of Communication skills and techniques that enhance relationships and identify thought patterns of others

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About this Seminar: Application

تداول اسعار الذهب في الامارات Science has evidenced the precise processes involved in human transactions. We equip you with practical tools to gain even greater understanding while refining your own capabilities in advanced communication. Learn how to apply these processes with greater awareness of the cultural frame work surrounding the process of communication. Maintain the focus and clarity of your intended message, the received message and the feedback process

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By the end of this Seminar: Impact

سعر ليرة الذهب في السعودية Making assumptions that we all filter information in the same way often creates serious confusion leading to conflict and misunderstanding. Learning how to avoid these communication breakdowns enables improved individual and team performance.  Identifying channels of Communication will ensure that others will better understand your intended message.

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Self-Assessment Activity follows this Seminar

أربح المال على الإنترنت في الهند This first Seminar forms the platform for the subsequent meta-learning programme. This Seminar can be attended as part of a two Seminar training programme or as part of a complete Creative Advantage programme of six Seminars. We recommend that a gap of at least 5 working days is taken between each of the Seminars to allow for full integration of the knowledge, application and impact of each subject area. 

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