"We ask ourselves - "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?…Actually, who are you not to be?" Nelson Mandella _ Inaugural Address as President of South Africa 1994

Creative Advantage Series

6 one day Training Seminars

This amazingly effective series of 6 oneday training seminars utilises the unique meta-learning programme holistic approach to exceeding potential in every part of the business organisation. With focus on individual employees and staff needs, this easy paced learning experience creates the platform on which to build a valued, diverse culture of shared ownership in improved workplace performance, productivity, quality and professionalism.

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What are the hallmarks of an exceptional organisation?

Empowering your workforce with the skills and knowledge to deliver the best results.
Promoting a positive culture where everyone feels valued and appreciated.
Providing staff employees every opportunity to exceed their potential and make the most of their careers.

The Creative Advantage Series of one day Training Seminars utilise a mixture of one-to-one coaching to ongoing group training sessions. Each day in the series of one day Training Seminars provides focus, clarity and work life balance.for individuals and organisations, encouraging effective team behaviour that will avoid mis-understanding, mis-communication and potential conflict. We offer tailored practical support for businesses to implement best practice in working patterns, creative problem solving and advanced communications.

We recommend that a gap of at least 5 working days is taken between each of the seminar workshops to allow for full integration of the knowledge, application and impact of each subject area.

Whatever your organisation and requirements, now is the time to take your
business further. It’s time to talk to meta-learning.

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