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تفسيري The specific remit of a corporate coach is to focus on supporting an individual, as part of a team and or their organisation to achieve higher levels of business performance and operational effectiveness. Maggie Foster, Founder of Meta-learning combines her broad business experience with a deep understanding of what makes people tick. She has worked extensively with individuals and teams in a broad range of businesses, particularly in organisations with a creative output, and her clients include business leaders as well as the founders of small, independent businesses. Working with senior executives and teams indicates that many people in business achieve less for themselves and their organisations than they are capable of and with lower levels of job satisfaction than they desire. As a result Maggie has developed an approach to coaching which is based on helping her clients to become more effective and happier in their work.

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اذهب She works with the whole person, not just the bit that presents at work, to ensure that all personal resources can be mobilised. She provides through meta-learning processes a holistic perspective to encourage reflective learning and coaching for business – an enjoyable learning experience that will empower individuals and organisations to exceed their potential.

الشركات خيار ثنائي كسب المال From one-to-one coaching to ongoing group training sessions, Meta-learning provides a comprehensive range of training and consultancy solutions designed to maximise individual and organisational potential. Whatever your organisation and requirements, perhaps now is the time to take your business further. Find us on the FreeIndex directory under Business Coaching

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