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29 May 2008

Story Telling For Managers

ثنائي الخيار الويبينار إشارات الخيارات الثنائية الموالية أوروبا “Imagination is more important that knowledge” منتدى الاستثمار في الذهب – Einstein خيار ثنائي على يوتيوب On the 6th February 2008, at the Institute of Directors Hub in central Birmingham, Maggie Foster of Meta-Learning Solutions presented a Seminar on “Storytelling for Managers” aimed to enhance awareness, knowledge and skills in Creative Communication. Stories are “Internal, creative processes”, that produce “external, innovative solutions” enabling us to achieve evidential goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframed. إكس فوركس Maggie told a story about how human beings have been sharing stories for thousands of years. When used skillfully they provide a safe, fast, effective way of exploring ideas, concepts and concerns. When we invite someone to tell their story we not only demonstrate respect for the, we place a value on what it is they need to say. All stories contain metaphor, and every one of us have our own ‘preferred metaphors’. They describe personal reference experiences, ‘represent’ different life, or work related scenarios using metaphor and symbols. When we begin to notice how other people use metaphor we are more able to help others to feel more comfortable in our presence طريقة التداول عن طريق الانترنت “The Meta-learning Story” أدوات الفوركس Aristotle said: “It is necessary only to be master of the metaphor” تداول للاسهم السعوديه Maggie identified how Dolphin inspire creative social responsibility and stories stimulate and accelrate creativity, facilitation, learning, reflection, mentoring, appraisal, personal empowerment, team empowerment, change and اسهم السعودي Leadership. Maggie also explained how story telling is based on a creative learning process and at the end of her highly stimulating presentation offered the audience these 6 Tips for Managers: رسم بياني لاسعر الذهب 1. Movement stimulates creativity and aids learning. Consider going for a short walk. تداول اسهم الذهبية “Thinking, learning and decision-making take place on the cellular and molecular levels” (Candice Pert – Molecules of Emotion) كسب المال على الانترنت مجانا وبسرعة 2. Take an R & R break. Relaxation increases focus, clarity and reduces stress. Practice gentle, slow deep breathing. Take 10 deep breaths. سامبا بيع الاسهم 3. Do something different. If you normally use a computer, use coloured pens instead. Colours activate creativity. 4. Notice how other people use metaphor and symbols in their language. For example, “it feels as though I’m pushing a boulder uphill”.
Response: “how can we work together to get rid of the boulder?”
5. Mirror creative language.Use the same metpahor and symbols being used by the other (s).
6. Use the “Familiar” when exploring ideas, concepts or concerns Shared ownership will begin to happen when familiar scenarios are
identified and explored together.

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طرق سهلة لكسب المال للأطفال Maggie Foster provides inspiring evening or daytime sessions to stimulate more business managers and leaders to become skilled at storytelling. Why not include a session on this interesting and different approach to leading people in yoir next away-day or end-of-year celebrations. 

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