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26 Oct 2006

Stories are “signposts” on the journey of self-discovery

Every story is a mirror that reflects and expands knowledge skills and resources. Metaphors and symbolism have been used to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving for many years. Stories are a means of focusing attention, while providing greater interest and fun through learning. A metaphor is a figure of speech, founded on resemblance. It is not literal but figurative.
Symbolism uses symbols to represent meaning. Storytellers use them as “beacons” to “light” the way to “ a hidden treasure” that will empower your “brilliance” to “shine” like the “sun”.

Sir Thomas Dewar once said:
“The mind is like a parachute, it has to be open"…

The language we use is “peppered” with metaphors and symbols. They represent how we see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

Stories offer you an opportunity to identify practise and use the skills and the resources we all need in order to achieve success as each of us perceive this to be.
Story telling is a techniques that is used to accelerate learning and stimulate the mind to resolve issues that would otherwise seem unsolvable. Think of a story as a “sign post” on the journey of your self-discovery.

Best wishes

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