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10 Oct 2006

Making Change work is often harder than we imagine

قراءة هذه المشاركة هنا It is generally true to say that most people dislike being told to suddenly acquire new skills or identities. However, the role of a leader or manager is to get people to do what they may not want to do, in other words to change.

الفوركس موقع If people were willing to change, then all the leader has to say is, برنامج بيع وشراء الأسهم للايفون balance the budget or change the way we operate or if speaking to a teenage son or daughter telling them to لها آخر بلوق grow up and act like an adult would be easy and present no difficulty. The budget would miraculously improve, the way the organisation operated would be changed and the teenager would say, thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten to grow up and be an adult!!!

سعر انصت الذهب يوم 7 اغسطس في سعودية In reality, when you make simple suggestions, urging people to act or do something differently people are often resistant, do not see or understand the need for change and in extreme cases react very angrily.

خذ الحقائق When urging someone to do something differently, to adopt new roles, to take on new work, it’s not simply a matter of getting a response. Its a matter of the sending and receiving information on the same levels with assimilation of the information in ways that the individual receiver can appreciate from their own perspective not only those of the sender. Ultimately, people change when and if they are ready and so transformational change rarely happens overnight. This is where story telling comes in. Relating a story about an example where change is already happening, with characters that mirror and match those of the audience to the story, resonance and relevance is generated, connecting them at an emotional level and offering a means of understanding a way forward and make change more acceptable. This is the key to making things change. Let us begin. “Let me tell you a story"………….. Come back with your own ideas on this fascinating new insight in people’s behaviour.

عنوان ورل المصدر Best wishes

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