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10 Jul 2009

Examining the potential for Accelerated Learning

طريقة شراء اسهم فيس بوك At the Birmingham City University Teaching and Learning Festival held between 6th-10th July, Maggie was invited to present to a wide and diverse audience of academics her creative problem solving skills and accelerated learning techniques. The aim of the Festival is to celebrate good practice and excellence,as well as to enthuse and equip staff to incorporate innovative approaches and effective techniques into their teaching practice.

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كيفيه فتح حساب The session, focused on inviting around 16 University staff who attended to: اليوم الاسهم السعودية  Understand current perceptions of traditional learning practice  Compare differences in the application of accelerated learning techniques and stakeholder perspectives as applied to specific learner groups. الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات  Appreciate the instructional content design for introducing accelerated learning عنوان practice into vocational (work-integrated) learning programmes تداول السوق  Evaluate the potential for accelerated learning techniques to bring about مصدر المقال meaningful learning impact for vocation (work-integrated) learning programmes تعلم الحقائق هنا الآن  Explore the applicability and the potential for using these techniques for training trainers of other learning programmes in future.
Key issues addressed included an introduction to how human intelligence can be likened to a muscle that is developed and learning how to learn is the key. The Session set out to prove that accelerated learning does in fact specifically, exactly and precisely that. “If the practice of accelerated learning were to be applied, particularly in the delivery of vocational (work-integrated) learning programmes, then a) the learners would benefit overall from a more meaningful learning experience, b) the learning programme content will be delivered in a shorter time (i.e. less than 2 academic years) and c) the learners would have gained greater levels of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter in practice”.
Key elements of the Accelerated Learning concept developed by Rose C. (5th Ed. 2005) suggest that in the current economic climate ability to absorb information rapidly and to think logically and creatively are becoming the most important skills that learner’s can possess. Accelerated Learning does not only work by setting up memorable visual and sound associations in the mind. A high proportion of all learning takes place at the subconscious level. Thus, Accelerated Learning presents the Learner with new material in such a way that it is simultaneously absorbed by both the conscious and the unconscious mind. Information, for example, is positioned so it can be absorbed in peripheral vision, and sentences are short and rhythmical because such facts are easily remembered.
Maggie was warmly congratulated by the delegates for her fascinating demonstration of how the learner needs to put in no more conscious effort than in a normal learning situation; in fact less because they were relaxed they learnt faster (in an accelerated way) and the learning was more meaningful..

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افحص هذا There is much more to accelerated learning processes still to be explored. With more than 15 years working as a Coach, Counsellor and Trainer in business, education, health, and the community, Maggie uses story-telling, creative problem solving and accelerated learning techniques to understand human behaviour and provide individuals and organisations with the opportunity to exceed their potential.
Contact Maggie if you have any questions about this blog or to discuss her presenting for your organisation or group seminars and courses in creative problem solving and accelerated learning processes:
Tel: 0845 116 1871 or email:

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