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29 Jun 2008

Creativity: Beyond Reactive Problem Solving

تجارة الذهب في السعودية Some of you may have heard of the author Peter Senge, who developed some of the original thinking about Learning Organisations. His latest book, which he co authored with others is called the Necessary Revolution, how individuals and organisations are working together to create a sustainable world. It certainly is a riveting read. Particularly, the points he makes about Creative problem solving in which he says “Problem solving is about making what you don’t want, go away. Whereas, creating involves bringing something you care about into reality”. He goes onto say, “Creating draws its energy from dreams or visions of what people truly want to see exist, in concert wih accurate and insightful understanding of what is”. This is so true. jobba hemifrån blogg He comments that reactive problem solving by contrast, draws its energy from crises, usually driven by an underlying emotion of fear - fear of the consequences if we fail to solve the problems.

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مجهول Prophetic words indeed and ones we closely allign our training to. If you are interested, we thouroughly recommend this inspiring and revealing book. استخدم هذا الرابط Best wishes الخيارات الثنائية إجابات ياهو Dennis Digg this Yahoo Furl

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