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19 Apr 2008

Mentors develop the new leaders More companies are using mentoring to improve the performance and career prospects of the their managers (Sunday Times 30/03/08)

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خيار ثنائي الروبوت كبار الشخصيات There are of course many examples of situations in which mentoring has helped individuals to move forward. Someone may be searching for a new career direction. A small business leader may need an impartial opinion on the best choice of direction for next stage of business devolopment. In any situation, a mentor is an excellent sounding board to help you take a step back to consider your next move, provide a new perspective on the situation and allow you to see the big picture, in a new or different contect.

ننظر إلى هذا الآن Mentoring is becoming increasingly popular in large companies. Those organisations are slowly moving from traditional command and control structures to more facilitative, and supportive structures. Vodafone for example estimates that about half of their 4,500 management team had mentors. Terry Kramer, group strategy and human resources director has said; “We actively encourage it”

اقرأ هنا David Clutterbuck author of آخر مشاركة بلوق Everyone Needs a Mentor suggests that training mentors and the people who receive mentoring to get the most out of their interaction could make enormous difference. He estimates that without training, 30% of mentoring delivers real value. Where both parties are trained, that figure rises to 90%. Clutterbuck also identifies that Mentoring is the most cost-efficient and sustainable method of fostering and developing talent within an organisation. As my surname is Foster, I guess this statement confirms that I am best placed to be your mentor!!!


انتقل إلى الرابط Another contributor to this topic is Anna Guest, a director of the Coaching and Mentoring Network, who said that mentoring helps to boost the careers of the mentors as well as the people they were guiding. She added that بلوج لكسب المال “Mentors help to expand their skills and give them more responsibility so when a position does come up, that individual is better equipped to apply”.

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انتقل إلى الموقع People who have mentors are better able to think quite deliberately about how they are doing their jobs, talking through what is happening at work and how to approach challenges that are coming up. Metaphorically speaking, a mentor is able to hold up a reflecting mirror to ideas of a person and allow them the opportunity to pause for thought and enable them to be more informed about the decisions we make and take.

تحقق من مصدر بلدي As a skilled and trained mentor, I know how important it is to explore how different processes for modifying and reframing thinking can serve you effectively in the future. If you would like to know more contact us: Dennis Digg this Yahoo Furl

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