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03 Jul 2010

What can coaches do for you? Consumers have little guidance on how to choose, value or assess the effectiveness of executive coaching as a form of leadership development. Bill Berman, the managing partner in Berman & Associates based in Stamford, Conneticut says that this process could be likened to that used for selecting a physician or psychologist 30 years ago. Specialised training, certification, experience and of course, personal endorsements all have been used to select individuals whose expertise would otherwise be difficult to measure. The world of coaching is still some way away from being able to provide full proof objective measures of the success of executive coaching. One step in selecting a suitable coach would be to carefully match a coach to the type of coaching that a particular individual or organisation is seeking. Examples of this range of differences could include newly appointed executives transitioning into a new role or culture, whereas a different skill set from the executive coach maybe required if the need is for coaching for introducing greater levels of creativity and innovation into a business or organisation.
Just as we choose lawyers or accountants based on their expertise in a particular domain maybe selecting the right coach for the job based on their knowledge and expertise in that field would be step in the right direction
Thoughts and views are as always, most welcome. 

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15 Jun 2010

creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business

معلومات خاصة According to a new study by IBM published by FastCompany, over 62% of CEOs cite creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking, The study is the largest known sample of one-on-one CEO interviews, with over 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries polled on what drives them in managing their companies in today’s world.

التعليم الخيارات الثنائية Steven Tomasco, a manager at IBM Global Business Services, expressed surprise at this key finding, saying that it is “very interesting that coming off the worst economic conditions CEOs had ever seen, They didn’t fall back on management discipline, existing best practices, rigour, or operations. In fact, they did just the opposite.” سعر الذهب القديم اليوم في السعودية

انظر هنا الآن Creative leaders are also more prepared to break with the status quo of industry, enterprise and revenue models, and they are 81% more likely to rate innovation as a “crucial capability.”

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انتقل إلى هذا الموقع على شبكة الإنترنت Here at Meta-Learning Solutions, our Creative Advantage series of 6 one day seminars is designed specifically to introduce managers to thinking and acting creatively. So with this new evidence to hand it is clearly more important to start getting some training support now in how to bring about creativity in your business. Contact us right now for more information..

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