"knowledge speaks but wisdom listens" J. Hendrix 1942 - 1970

About us

What we do

Meta-learning Solutions has always considered first what you need, not what we need. We continue to grow our Business Coaching, Counselling and Training services gaining a deep sense of fulfilment from empowering people and organisations with accelerated learning strategies and techniques.

How we do it

We believe that life-long learning is the only powerful means of developing our vision of life. We provide creative processes that help people and organisations enjoy success however they perceive success to be. Our holistic approach utilises meta-learning techniques to enable others to exceed their potential through creative learning methodologies, toolkits, ideas, inspiration and practical guidance.

When and where we do it

Our holistic approach facilitates personal, professional and business growth at venues across the West Midlands. We design training programmes that address the specific needs of individuals and organisations. We are able to provide these services on a local and national level.

Who we work for

We work with all the main sectors of industry, research, education, health and the community. Our clients include Universities, Professional Institutes, the public sector and a range of companies and consultancies in the private sector.

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